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Normally, 2000′ feet of climbing does not bother me (much), assuming the grade is reasonably 8% or less and I’m not starting too far above sea level. But starting at 7000′ and climbing up to 9000′ is a different matter. Even more so after having reached my advanced age. What’s an old dog to do?

Mario and I have been staying at a condo in Mammoth Lakes (thanks Melissa) for the past couple of nights, and this morning decided to start our ride at Tom’s Place, which is a store/bar/restaurant/lodge south on US395 toward the town of Bishop. From Tom’s, first we rode downhill to the business end of Crowley Lake to see the dam and the upper end of the Owens River Gorge.

Then we rode back up the same road, passed Tom’s Place and headed up Rock Creek Road, intending to climb to Rock Creek Lake. By the…

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Why you Need a Beach Cruiser Bicycle?


Are you interested in taking a leisurely stroll on the beach but don’t want to get sand in your sandals then the beach cruiser bicycle is the best way to go. Beach cruiser is equipped with large balloon tires and simple speed drive controls to allow easy accessibility across bumpy surfaces which are frequently found along any random seaside.

The beach cruiser has comfortable upright seats that allows rider to lay back and enjoy the scenery while moving from one point to another. As a mode of transportation this is constructed with steel which gives a plenty of room for doing personalized graffiti and deco. You can wear your sunglasses, a pair of flip-flops and get all set to ride the beach cruiser bicycle all along the beach side.

Helio robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

Helio robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

These bicycles offer a change of scenery for work-out enthusiasts who have been cycling on pavement roads and gym rooms for a long period of time. For adventure lovers’ four stroke beach cruisers by Helio Motorized Bicycle, gives them a chance to take these bikes into terrains that are usually inaccessible by foot, especially when the terrains are made up wet and shifty sand.

Series 43 Honda Powered Bike

Series 43 Honda Powered Bike

A large number of people are choosing to ride these bikes because of its superior style, amazing simplicity and affordability which are suitable for a better transportation. You can get abundant models of beach cruisers from which you can choose the right one matching your purpose. An average number of consumers want to personalize their own bike in terms of decoration, picking out a shock absorber or tires, fenders, etc. So, to get a comfortable ride or transportation (to beach or country side) a beach cruiser is a right option to rely on.

The Best Aspect of Riding a Beach Cruiser Bike


Riding a beach cruiser you can do low-impact exercises at the same time enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine. Beach cruiser bike offer you a smooth and comfortable ride which allows your family an opportunity to get on board, as it is made for any rider of all ages for its simple operation.

Many parents select beach cruisers for their college going kids to give them a safe ride with style considering the young generation’s choice. To make the beach cruiser more elegant you can decorate it with adding a basket, the tire fenders and a back rack. You can also paint on dragons and other fantasy designs on it.

43 Honda Powered Bike

Beach cruisers are made for fairly flat areas, ideally near lake, a river or the ocean. If scaling up of hills with top speeds, then you can opt for Honda powered four-stroke beach cruiser bike available at Helios Motorized Bicycles ( You can easily hangout by the seashore or a lake where you get an opportunity to build metaphoric or real castles in the sand. Or you can plan cook-outs by the countryside as these upright beach cruisers can be easily used to carry food, drink and other accoutrements of relaxation.

Robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

You can comfortably ride on the beach cruiser as they have large well padded seats and handlebars to navigate and be at ease. Many colors along with designs can be added to make it more attractive. If you need to transport goodies, then just backpack on your shoulders and ride on your beach cruiser in an upright position unlike of any other bike where you get squinted down.

With beach cruiser riding can be fun and give you tremendous health benefits so, everyone should own a beach cruiser.

Reduce your Fuel Expenses by Riding a Motorized Bicycle


In today’s market where petrol is getting pricier and dearer, you can reduce the usage of it to bring down the demand so as to save your valuable money, which can be used for any other basic necessities of life. And this can be done by using a motorized bicycle for your travelling needs.

Riding these motorized bicycles can give you relief from tiresome paddling and provide a good amount of exercise for your body. You will ask how this can be possible, and then the answer will be: a motorized bike gives you the option of manual paddling as well as without paddling or to switch between two modes of riding .i.e. manual and motorized forms.

You can also convert your existing bicycle into a motorized bike or bicycle by fitting a motor to it. By selecting a perfect bicycle engine kits available at a best bike builder, you can convert your regular bicycle into a more powerful motorized bike or bicycle. With these bikes you can easily commute on the busy streets. Four stroke bike engines are considered more fuel efficient and give the bike the much needed speed.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Riding these bikes can make you environment friendly, as it uses less fuel and so less amount of carbon monoxide is released on to the environment making it less polluted. By this you can contribute to protect the planet’s health and give the next generation fresh air to breathe in.

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

Motorized bikes gives you other benefits like you don’t have to get an insurance or registration done nor do you require carrying a driving license to ride or drive a motorized bicycle. You get to save money and time as by getting relief from these procedures. You can finely zip through the busy streets and traffic to reach your destination on time. Parking your motorized bike can be easily done anywhere without any difficulty. But for safety reasons don’t forget to put on your helmet while riding the bike.

To get the finest bike builder online visit Helio Motorized Bicycles’ website and know about our various models of Honda powered motorized bicycles and engine kits available online.

Feel Exuberant While Riding on a Beach Cruiser Bike


Beach cruiser bike or beach bike conjures images of leisurely cruising down to the ocean side or navigating through the neighborhood streets and sightseeing. Beach bike is considered the perfect bike for multitude transport purposes. Riding on this bike you can discover a new height of enjoying your ride avoiding the slow pace of traditional on-foot hiking or walking.

Beach cruisers are becoming popular transportation vehicles for some following purposes:

  1. Exploring the beachside: Riding on a beach bike while cruising along, pedaling and enjoying the rain or shine is beautiful experiences which will make you feel ecstatic. The large comfortable seat is the best feature which makes it comfortable to sit in the saddle for hours at a time giving relief from undue soreness to the beach explorers.

 Helio Robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

  1. Suburban travelling: To know your suburb around your residence you have to travel and explore from east to west and north to south. Beach cruiser bike gives you a adventurous option to ride on and explore the unknown areas. For sure you will find a good time in riding through the streets.

Superbike 4g Motorized Bicycle

  1. Campus Transportation needs: You can find many colleges have widely spread out campuses that make it impossible for students to attend their class to class on time. Using a beach cruiser bike which should be pedestrian friendly will help transporting you with your laptop and other essential study materials. Many college students are opting for a beach cruiser bike for this reason and are often seen arriving the first day of the classes on a beach cruiser.

Purchase a Honda powered beach cruiser at Helio Motorized Bicycles and feel exhilarated when the wind is rushing through your hair, and the wide open road invites with its endless possibility.

Helio Motorized Bicycles is specialized in building Honda powered 4-stroke engine motorized bicycles and parts, engine kits, EZM parts, etc.

Get a Motorized Bicycle for Easy and Convenient Transport


Buying a four wheeler for personal transport needs is not possible for everyone. Travelling through the available public transport is indeed a headache for you. This is when you think of having an affordable and convenient personal vehicle. Rather than buying a new vehicle, you can transform your existing cycle into an engine driven bike by installing engine and other spares onto it or you can opt for buying a motorized bicycle.

You can obtain a number of benefits when you ride a motorized bicycle for your transport needs. Light weight vehicles can easily get through the busy city traffic; motorized bicycles are far more lightweight than any conventional motorbike but offers better speed and agility than pedal driven cycles.

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

You can assemble and install the bicycle kit onto your old bicycle, by having a little technical knowledge and referring through the user manuals provided with kits sold by motorized bicycle sellers. You have the choice to do this job personally or taking a help of an expert mechanic.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Get the motorized bicycle with suitable engine to give you a super bike effect. Two-stroke engine kit is suitable to covering minimum distances, while four-stroke engine comes with higher capacity and considerably cover long distances with good fuel economy which will fit the bill better. The sellers of motorized bicycle and motor kit sell suitable spares for buyers. You can explore their various ranges and compare the available models that will suit your needs and budget. If you want to use the bike more frequently then you can opt for a bigger fuel tank.

While buying online ensure that you buy the motorized bicycle, engine and spare from a trusted company. Check the warranty and availability of all parts and accessories. Also check if you can get the help of their staff for any issues you face.

A motorized bicycle can be a good transportation medium which saves money on your fuel expenses.

Get various models of motorized bicycles, motor or engine kits, spares, etc at Helio Motorized Bicycles’ website

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Beach Cruiser


Beach cruiser is a form of bicycle, with overstuffed seats, wide tires and comfortable handlebars which gives you an enjoyable bicycle riding. Beach cruiser has made a revolutionary come back and given a preference as a bicycle. You can accessorize these bikes with baskets, bells and lights, which will enhance its look by adding an extra flare. These bikes are purchased to get comfort while riding.

When selecting these bikes, it is important to look out for some factors which will help in getting the right beach cruiser as per your need. Some are mentioned below for your consideration:

1-If the gender look is important to you, then check out, it is made for a lady or man. Most manufactures have developed these bikes with a generic look (a deep in the cross bar), which will pass as either a man or women’s bike. These bikes do not have a generic drop seen in traditional women’s bicycles nor have the rigid cross bar as in traditional men’s bicycles. Options of different colors is available when selecting these generic bike like red, orange, blue, black , chrome, etc. The generic bikes are a great help for older people having arthritic or other limitations.

2-It is important to know where the beach cruiser is going to be ridden on like on a flat surface or up and down on a hilly region or along the beach.  Many customers opt for a multi-speed beach cruiser for ridding a hilly surface.

Motorized Bicycles

3-  Decide if you need fenders on beach cruiser, then make sure that beach cruiser has a kick stand and always use that kick stand. You need those fenders when riding during or after rain storm, as it will protect form water being thrown by the motion of the tire.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

4-Know if the size of the bike is right for your height. Selecting a bike according to your height gives you a comfortable ride.

To get more detailed information on Beach Cruiser types, brands and accessories, please visit Helio Motorized Bicycles’ website