Motorized Cycles: a New Generation Endowment Which Keeps Our Atmosphere Eco-friendly.


Youth is the backbone for the incredible future of a growing nation. The appropriate choice for them is riding a bicycle which gives a garden-fresh feeling to their gray-matter. These latest cycles moves on with go green revolution by minimizing the harmful contaminants.

A bicycle is a driving vehicle which comprises of an easy operation system. The start-up of this machine needs to paddle by yourself. But your cycle is comprised with a motor, and then you don’t need to paddle whenever you are feeling tired. The mere presence of driving system which rotates the output shaft in motor driving system which stays connected with the driven gear by means of a second driving tool. The second driving equipment is initiated by the rotating movement of driving shaft by the first driving apparatus.

Tripping Through the Gene Pool

Tripping Through the Gene Pool

If want to buy a motorized bicycle, a numerous rules and regulations need to be followed. For this purpose you need to look for the rules and restrictions of your native state because the law may vary from one state to another. Now the tension is that how do you find your preferred product? If your native is in a metropolitan area, then you can easily investigate your product in the nearby showrooms. Also check the cycle and scooter dealer in your locality if they have the same what you have in your mind. If this above procedure gives a red signal about finding your favorite cycle, then you don’t need to worry. Cyberspace is the gathering of all the manufacturing establishments. Just you search the particular cycle and from this you can find easily a number of collections. If you are straight forwarded person, then think twice before purchasing.

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How to Get the Best Motorized Bicycle


People those are more concerned toward environment, now have a good means of transportation option e.g. Motorized Bicycle. A motorized bicycle is nothing but a bicycle that has a motor attached to it basically used to propel the bicycle. I am sure; this is a great mode of transportation that conveys many benefits.

A motorized bicycle comes in different varieties and use inner combustion engines to let you drive to your destination without letting you to paddle, which is the major advantage of it, saves your lots of effort and makes your journey faster.

So if you are one of those looking for buying a motorized bicycle, make sure you have followed through the below guidelines to pick the best one!

Motorized Bicycle

Motorized Bicycle

Tips and Guidelines –

  • Before you go to any store and ask for a motorized bicycle, there are few matters which you need to consider. One of these is the distance you want it to cover daily and another key concern is the territory you will be travelling on. You need to find those answers first to pick the right bicycle.
Motorized Bicycles

Motorized Bicycles

  • Once you have found the answers, you need to look for gas tank sizes, and battery capability to ensure to buy the best ride.
  • While buying a motorized bicycle, it is important that, you check all the essentials you require in a bicycle. As already said, these bicycles come with many verities, so chances are high the specifications you see in other bicycles, may not have in yours. So ensure your bicycle features everything you require by asking the store owner!
  • Once you have made your choice, make sure you take a test drive. This is important because this allows you to rest assured that you have chosen the right one, and it does not have any issues.

5 Good Reasons to Ride a Motorized Bicycle


If you are considering a motorized bicycle as an alternative transportation option, it is important that you understand its advantages, so that you can rest assured about your decision is right about choosing the motorized bicycle over gas-powered vehicle or any other fuel cell vehicle.

Certainly to say, there are many prospective benefits of using a motorized bicycle, if you are really curious to know what are these, then follow the reading from below –

Helio Darkside EZM

Advantages of choosing Motorized Bicycles –

Faster travel –

One of the great advantages of motorized bicycles is that you can travel faster just as you can with any fuel bike. However, the key point is unlike any fuel vehicles, motorized bicycles are environmentally friendly; these do not emit carbon dioxide, which is the reason why some people choose these over other transportation vehicles. But despite that fact, these Bicycles can maintain a higher average speed, and can give a rider the most consistent mode of travel.

Helio Darkside EZM

No sweat –

Sweat may not be the certain issue when you are riding bicycle in holidays, but it may be a concern if you are cycling to work. Although in many commercial workplace, they offer showers and other facilities but still, arriving at work with sticky and sweaty clothes really can be annoying for an employee. But oddly enough, you will not get sweat on a motorized bike, because you do not need to paddle to reach to your destination. You simply just need to allow the motor to paddle to spin wheels, so that you can reach to your destination without putting any physical effort.

Safety –

Perhaps, this may sound unlikely, but the truth is yes, it can provide safety and can keep you out of danger. However, the safety edge relies on this general principle that “the faster will be your acceleration, the sooner you will get into trouble”. Therefore with no rush to the destination, motorized bicycles are enclosed with speed limits, which certainly is a useful safety feature!

Hill climbing –

Unlike any other vehicle, you can ride a motorized bicycle on flattens hills. You can expect maximum speed from this; after all, the motor will do all the job to take you to the top end without making your struggle much.

Personal fitness –

Another great advantage of having a motorized bicycle is you can use it as normal bicycle as well. Means if you want to then you can use paddle manually for your workout routine.

So friends, these are the advantages that you can get from a motorized bicycle.

Health Benefits of Motorized Bicycle


To stay active and fit all the time, exercise is very important. Whether that means going to the gym, taking an early-morning run or certainly participating in some recreational sports, to make your blood flow all over your body parts, you need to carry exercise every single day!

Four stroke bike

Four stroke bike

In today’s busy society, you can say scheduling time for daily exercise routine can be challenging, but there is one exercise that you can really manage to consider, which can be a real fun and can help you carry your exercise routine during your working time, that is non-other than with a Motorized Bicycle .

Four stroke bike - ECO 4 Stroke 4G

Four stroke bike – ECO 4 Stroke 4G

The beauty of a Custom Motorized Bicycles is you can choose it by means of your transportation to travel long distance at the same speed that you used to travel with your fuel vehicles by the help of a motorized engine. The best thing about it is, you can switch to its manual mode anytime, and can use paddles to get your daily dose of exercise to stay fit and active.

So this is basically the only good reason for what a motorized bicycle is good for a buy!

How to add 4 stroke Motor to a Bicycle


The increasing concern toward environment is making more and more people to look for effective ways to “go green”. One of the most evident ways to help our surrounding is to limit how often we travel by car. The less we drive our car the less wear and tear we will put into the air and the less air pollution will be produced. The great a way to reduce car travel is to ride a bicycle with Four Stroke Motor Cycle on it. This not only will allow you to travel around at an upright speed but also help you do your part to save the planet. Another advantage of this kind of bike is that you can save a lot of dollars on gas at the same time.

4 stroke bicycle

4 stroke bicycle

So friend, if you are looking to add an electric motor to a bicycle, then follow the guide from below.

Things you will require –

  • A bicycle with electric bike kit magnet.

Guidelines –

  • Take your magnet and test on your bicycle to check the frame is made of steal. Note that bike frame made out of cheaper alloy can not handle the pressure of the motor. Hence ensure you have a right bicycle to install 4 stroke motor kit.
  • Flip the bicycle up side down and free the air out of the tire. Also, remove the bicycle brakes from the wheel. Make sure that the tire is not dented or cracked before going any step further. If the tire is damaged, you should need to repair it first but if it is beyond the repair then purchase a new one.
  • After that, put the motor on the bicycle and secure it using the arm tool tightening the bolts. Once you are done now place wheel back to its place.
  • Now install the new breaks with the throttle attached to it.
  • Most 4 stroke motor bikes have a battery attached to the seat. Therefore, secure it as well to add extra support.
  • Connect all electronic wiring. Connect the motor hub and battery to the controller and do it very carefully.
  • Ensure that you have tightened each and every screw and bolt as tight as possible.
  • Test the bicycle to ensure everything is working fine.
Four stroke bike

Four stroke bike Engine

So this is how you can install 4 stroke motor to your bicycle.

Tips – Always wear helmet to make sure your safety while riding your four stroke bicycle.

Choose the right motorized bicycle and enjoy the riding


Motorized bicycle is a preferable option for you today if you enjoy bicycling but get tired very soon. These kinds of bicycles require minimum maintenance. In addition, these cycles are easy to use and assemble as well.

With the rising of petrol price these bicycles are getting more and more popular today. In addition, people focus on green living. The most important fact is that you can convert your bicycle into a bike by just connecting a motor.

Motorized Bicycle

If you love riding, then you must think of investing on a motorized bike builder bicycle. With this type of bike you will have an option of pedaling it or leave it to operate on its own. These types of wheels will be perfect for you if you like riding but getting tired very soon. You can be on your wheel whenever you feel like peddling.

There are different types of bikes available in the market today as motorbikes are getting very much popular and have become specialized day by day. These particular bikes are coming impressively in various sizes and designs. You should purchase a bike that properly fits to your body shape. So trying the bike you like to purchase for testing to know whether it actually fits to your body size is a good idea. Go for a small ride to check if you are comfortable with it. A bike, you thought of purchasing may not be completely fit to you. So before you purchase any one, think what may be best for you depending on your age, gender and physique?

4 stroke bicycle

Selecting a motorbike can be a tough decision for any rider. Most of the riders do a common mistake of choosing a bike with large capacity engines. Choosing a bike of larger engine won’t be the right decision for you if you are not an experienced rider. Once you have gained experience and got the skills you can ready to ride a faster bike. The particular bikes are coming in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is advisable to consider individual needs before picking any of them.

There are many websites providing 4 stroke bicycle with affordable prices. Four strokes have its combustion chamber while 2 stroke engines require special oil for the engine. The techniques used to construct a 2 stroke engine are disadvantaged in many ways. 2 stroke engines do not have a good lubricating system. This is the cause of too much environmental pollution. However, these days’ people are looking forward to green products. So 4 stroke engines are more preferable today.

Riding Towards the European Standard


If you have ever jumped the pond, you would immediately see a change in how the natives transport. Being an American, I am used to large comfy sedans and large gas guzzling trucks. Everything is bigger in America and although this can be great and comfortable, there will be a time that we must really start paying attention to our lifestyle. Back in the day when I was a college student everyone would use their bikes as their means of transportation.


It was great! Lots of friends stayed healthy and lean because of the physical effort it takes to ride a bike. It felt like Europe. There is no doubt that cars are getting more efficient and the USA is starting to pay attention to the glutinous ways of our wasteful vehicles, but this is only a reaction to the  raising gas prices and knowledge of diminishing Fossil Fuels. All this has made me realize that there is an opportunity to bring a renewed form of transportation to USA and soon, the world.

In 2009 Helio Motor Bikes was envisioned when I was skating around the internet and  found that there are many types of motorized bicycles all over the world. I knew about the Whizzer but there was a new style of bike that was cheap and got 120+mpg. I was very interested so I bought different motorized kits and started to make an impact in my college town. First impressions of the 2 stroke Motorized Bicycles were CHEAP to say the least.


Scientifically the nature of the 2 stroke motor is very rough.  Heat and vibration was the biggest issue of these motors. After 30 minutes of riding, your power would drop significantly due to heat and parts would start to fall off due to vibration. I was tired of dealing with these issues and almost dropped the whole business/project. Then I found what I really wanted: the 49cc four stroke motor. Not only is the 4 Stroke Bicycle engine better, it is less noisy and more efficient. Once I found this, I was confident that I could make a business.



Today our motorized bikes are beginning to be the standard of a new movement. We have spent countless hours on new systems that WORK together to make a reliable 150-250 MPG machine. Lately we have introduced 2 new bikes to our lineup: The Subaru Robin Series and the Honda FX50. The big deal about these bikes is the Helio system. This system consists of an aluminum gas tank under the motor mount plate.



This makes the ride more comfortable and the center of gravity lower. Also the Motor Plate is welded to the frame to ensure reliability. These bikes also come standard with front hydraulic disc brakes,  USA made gearbox and a custom rear wheel adapter to ensure concentricity and adjustability. Starting at $1999 these motorize bike are a way to get around your town or the city. The savings in fuel cost pays for the bike in 2 years or less! Europe here we come!

Thanks for reading,

Kyle Craw

President of Helio Motorized Bicycles