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Normally, 2000′ feet of climbing does not bother me (much), assuming the grade is reasonably 8% or less and I’m not starting too far above sea level. But starting at 7000′ and climbing up to 9000′ is a different matter. Even more so after having reached my advanced age. What’s an old dog to do?

Mario and I have been staying at a condo in Mammoth Lakes (thanks Melissa) for the past couple of nights, and this morning decided to start our ride at Tom’s Place, which is a store/bar/restaurant/lodge south on US395 toward the town of Bishop. From Tom’s, first we rode downhill to the business end of Crowley Lake to see the dam and the upper end of the Owens River Gorge.

Then we rode back up the same road, passed Tom’s Place and headed up Rock Creek Road, intending to climb to Rock Creek Lake. By the…

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Get a Motorized Bicycle for Easy and Convenient Transport


Buying a four wheeler for personal transport needs is not possible for everyone. Travelling through the available public transport is indeed a headache for you. This is when you think of having an affordable and convenient personal vehicle. Rather than buying a new vehicle, you can transform your existing cycle into an engine driven bike by installing engine and other spares onto it or you can opt for buying a motorized bicycle.

You can obtain a number of benefits when you ride a motorized bicycle for your transport needs. Light weight vehicles can easily get through the busy city traffic; motorized bicycles are far more lightweight than any conventional motorbike but offers better speed and agility than pedal driven cycles.

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

You can assemble and install the bicycle kit onto your old bicycle, by having a little technical knowledge and referring through the user manuals provided with kits sold by motorized bicycle sellers. You have the choice to do this job personally or taking a help of an expert mechanic.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Get the motorized bicycle with suitable engine to give you a super bike effect. Two-stroke engine kit is suitable to covering minimum distances, while four-stroke engine comes with higher capacity and considerably cover long distances with good fuel economy which will fit the bill better. The sellers of motorized bicycle and motor kit sell suitable spares for buyers. You can explore their various ranges and compare the available models that will suit your needs and budget. If you want to use the bike more frequently then you can opt for a bigger fuel tank.

While buying online ensure that you buy the motorized bicycle, engine and spare from a trusted company. Check the warranty and availability of all parts and accessories. Also check if you can get the help of their staff for any issues you face.

A motorized bicycle can be a good transportation medium which saves money on your fuel expenses.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting a Beach Cruiser


Beach cruiser is a form of bicycle, with overstuffed seats, wide tires and comfortable handlebars which gives you an enjoyable bicycle riding. Beach cruiser has made a revolutionary come back and given a preference as a bicycle. You can accessorize these bikes with baskets, bells and lights, which will enhance its look by adding an extra flare. These bikes are purchased to get comfort while riding.

When selecting these bikes, it is important to look out for some factors which will help in getting the right beach cruiser as per your need. Some are mentioned below for your consideration:

1-If the gender look is important to you, then check out, it is made for a lady or man. Most manufactures have developed these bikes with a generic look (a deep in the cross bar), which will pass as either a man or women’s bike. These bikes do not have a generic drop seen in traditional women’s bicycles nor have the rigid cross bar as in traditional men’s bicycles. Options of different colors is available when selecting these generic bike like red, orange, blue, black , chrome, etc. The generic bikes are a great help for older people having arthritic or other limitations.

2-It is important to know where the beach cruiser is going to be ridden on like on a flat surface or up and down on a hilly region or along the beach.  Many customers opt for a multi-speed beach cruiser for ridding a hilly surface.

Motorized Bicycles

3-  Decide if you need fenders on beach cruiser, then make sure that beach cruiser has a kick stand and always use that kick stand. You need those fenders when riding during or after rain storm, as it will protect form water being thrown by the motion of the tire.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

4-Know if the size of the bike is right for your height. Selecting a bike according to your height gives you a comfortable ride.

To get more detailed information on Beach Cruiser types, brands and accessories, please visit Helio Motorized Bicycles’ website

Some Interesting Points for the Motorized Gas Bicycle Buyers


Motorized Bicycle is gaining popularity for their environment friendliness. You can convert motorized bicycle to a super bike by attaching a gas engine to it and then with some few gallons of gas, get a ride of super bike. With a gas bike you can shine out in the crowd. The new generation has found the gas bikes as a popular option to get around. Gas motorized bikes can help you in cutting down the electricity usage as well.

Below are some interesting points to be considered before getting a motorized gas bicycle:

•    Should be safe and legal: Some companies offer gas bikes which are legal and can be considered as the right product for the buyers. Again they are well registered and insured and assure to relive the stress of every buyer by bringing in more safety.

•    Should be causing less pollution to the environment: Motorized Bicycles should be approved by an Environmental Protection Agency for its low pollution effect. It will certify them to be environment friendly.

Helio Motorized Bicycles

•    Should give you different option in engine range: Gas bike allows you to have 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine ranges. This helps you in maintaining cool image among your surroundings. 4 stroke engine ranges are preferred more than the 2 stroke engine because of its efficiency.

•    Should be affordable and of top quality: Motorized Bicycles should come in an affordable range with quality motor parts.

Helio Motorized Bicycles offer you a wide variety of motorized gas bicycles that are solidly built with the new, modern and innovative technology. Visit our website for getting the updated features and models of gas motorized bicycle with just a mouse click.

Enjoy Your Ride with Environment Friendly Motorized Bikes


Motorized Bike is a bicycle with a motor or engine attached to it which helps in pedaling. These bikes are now a day’s being very popular for their eco-friendliness and less fuel consumption. You can make an old bicycle look new and modern by getting it assembled with an engine. The different categories of engine are gas bicycle engine and electric bicycle engine. With just few gallons of gas your bicycle is converted to a scooter like vehicle, if you are using a gas bicycle engine. Similarly an electric bicycle engine is operated with rechargeable batteries which are charged with electricity. These bikes help you from public transport to racing games.

Series 43 Honda Powered Bike

Series 43 Honda Powered Bike

The engines are quite lighter and can easily assemble with the bicycle. This transformation makes your bicycle’s look better and increases its efficiency. You can afford these bikes as they are relatively cheaper than the four wheeler or two wheeler vehicles. The motorized bikes range from 2 stroke to 4 stroke. These bikes do not use petroleum products which makes them pollution free. These bikes give you an effective and inexpensive way of transportation. Your bike can be transformed to a super bike by choosing an engine with high capacity. Be the proud owner of a motorized bike by just adding on the required motorized bicycle parts to it.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

You all say go green, green revolution, etc, but fail to apply it in some respect. You can make an effort to make it successful by reducing the level of pollution caused by the vehicles normally used in your day to day life. You can use an alternative way .i.e. by using the motorized bikes. They act as a vehicle for transportation without any carbon pollution. This can help you in supporting your environment and proudly saying “Go Green with Helio Motorized Bicycles”.

3 Important Tips Why We Choose To Ride A Motorized Bicycle


If you want to choose motorized bicycle as your daily transportation mode, it is very essential to learn the advantages of this vehicle before riding. After that you will feel assured about your decision regarding choosing the motorized bicycle over other gas-powered vehicles is right.

If you are really curious about knowing the benefits of riding these vehicles, then follow the reading given below.

Speedy Travel

One of the important advantages that you can get on riding this vehicle is you can reach at your desired destination faster than any fuel powered bikes. However, these bicycles are environment friendly as it does not emit green house gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc., this is the main reason behind people choosing this transportation mode over other options.

No Sweat Flow

As we all know that sweat is not a certain issue while riding those vehicles on holidays, but it is an important concern if you are riding it to work in an office. Although numerous workplaces offer showers but still, arriving at working place with sweaty clothes can be annoying for an employee. You will not get any sweat on a motorized bicycle, because you don’t need to paddle to reach at your desired destination.


It offers safety by keeping you out of dangerous situations. There is a saying that “the faster will be your acceleration, the sooner you will get into an accident”. But in case of motorized vehicle, it is enclosed with certain speed limits which offer a useful safety feature.

Ride a motorized bicycle and get benefited by its exceptional features.

Motorized Bicycle- An Inexpensive Mode of Transportation


Do you want to get rid of today’s traffic jam? Wish to have a peaceful and inexpensive transportation? Then, choose motorized bicycle which offers reliable, inexpensive and environment-friendlier ride to your desired destination. A rider can keep his health healthier as his rate of exercise increases accordingly while riding this vehicle.

The main reason behind its popularity is that it offers limitless benefits. These vehicles are very much cost effective and efficient. Moreover this is a reliable alternative for those people who are eager to do cycling but due to their health problem they are not able to do the same. It is also a great option for the people who want to get recovered from injuries and also who wants to acquire a perfect shape of their body.

Helio Motorized Bikes

Helio Motorized Bikes

You may find different types of electric bikes having different functions. These motorized bicycles operate automatically. You just need to press the switch as a result it gets started. If you want to purchase a motorized bicycle, then follow some types of motorized vehicles are given below.

Motorized Bicycle

Motorized Bicycle

Among all the motorized vehicles, Sports bikes are very fast moving vehicles having powerful engines which have sharp handles and stylish appearance. These bikes are mainly constructed for acquiring high speed on bitter acceleration. Therefore you need to be little bit careful on your first ride.

If you are very much interested in purchasing motorized bicycles, you can find the same in our shop HELIO. We offer high quality and eco-friendlier motorized vehicles at affordable prices in order to match with the taste of our every client. Feel free to e-mail us, if you have any queries in your mind regarding our products.