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Normally, 2000′ feet of climbing does not bother me (much), assuming the grade is reasonably 8% or less and I’m not starting too far above sea level. But starting at 7000′ and climbing up to 9000′ is a different matter. Even more so after having reached my advanced age. What’s an old dog to do?

Mario and I have been staying at a condo in Mammoth Lakes (thanks Melissa) for the past couple of nights, and this morning decided to start our ride at Tom’s Place, which is a store/bar/restaurant/lodge south on US395 toward the town of Bishop. From Tom’s, first we rode downhill to the business end of Crowley Lake to see the dam and the upper end of the Owens River Gorge.

Then we rode back up the same road, passed Tom’s Place and headed up Rock Creek Road, intending to climb to Rock Creek Lake. By the…

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Motorized Bicycle, a Modern Man’s choice – It’s easy and convenient


Would you like to introduce a Motorized Bicycle into your day to day activity? Adding Bicycles with Motors can serve as a game-changing event! You can feel the difference while dealing with the challenge of long distances, particularly steep hills with your newly motorized bike. The Bicycles with Motors are made for almost every type of rider and surface too. The design of the bikes are playful, fun and attractive! Motorized Bikes are popular among cyclists due to reasons such as its comparative comfort, durability, and stability. Apart from being affordable, the technology of a Motorized Bicycle is excellent and durable. Here are the top reasons why the Motorized Bicycle is more popular among modern society.

Helio Motorized Bikes

Fuel efficiency –
A Motorized bicycle with an internal combustion engine (ICE) does take fuel to run the engine. However, it’s not a lot, and it lasts a long time. The advantage of a Motorized Bicycle is that it has the same efficiency as cars and the proportion carbon dioxide produced is very small compared to other fuel oriented vehicles. Point, It’s better for the environment!

Easier to carry things-
Bicycles with Motors can really take a heavy load! A Motorized bicycle assists you to handle bigger and heavier burdens too. This allows you to carry the extra weight conveniently.

Cool as well as stylish –
A motorized bicycle isn’t the same as a motorcycle. It’s a lot more quiet. The best part is, it can give you the same experience as a motor cycle without making you pay for a motorcycle. It’s really a cool experience riding a motorized bike while running with style.

The safest choice On road-
Everyone knows that cycling is a much safer alternative to driving. Car accidents are one of the top 10 causes of death in the world. Millions of people die every day in car accidents which is staggering. Cycling may help reduce the risk of an accident and the best alternative to cars.

Support to reduce tiredness and sweat –
Cycling isn’t a tiresome activity, but sometimes you may feel tired after a long period of cycling. No need to worry about it as a motorized bicycle definitely can back you up when you feel the lack of physical energy. This is a great feature of Bicycles with Motors: when the climate is too hot, a motorized bicycle lets you put in less energy while roaming with the same level of efficiency.

No setback on steep incline –
A steep incline has been always a nightmare to cyclists! You will face difficulty while climbing steep hills. It would be no problem at all if you have a motorized bicycle! In fact, one of the biggest selling points for motorized bikes is their hill-climbing capabilities. With a Motorized Bicycle, cycling steep incline is easy and fun. Owning Bicycles with Motors help you to not push yourself into tiredness.

Helio Motorized Bike

Conclusion –
The Motorized Bicycle is a great assistant. Helio Motorized Bikes aspire to adopt the new cycling approach in order to improve the health and quality of life and reduce environmental pollution. We are passionate about increasing the safety, quality and reliability of 4 storks Motorized Bikes for you. We are also continuously creating ways to make the improvement over our product. Our products are lightweight, powerful and comfortable for all riders. We want cycling to be a fun activity for a wide range of people regardless of age, ability, and gender. To get one for yourself check out our wide range of Motorized Bicycles online by browsing our website

Top Things to Understand about 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Motorized Bicycles


When it comes to motorized bicycle or motorized bikes, many questions arise, such as:

Why buy a motorized bicycle or bike?
You can enjoy a number of benefits (health, convenience and much more) by riding a motorized bike or bicycle as dependable transportation.

What are the different types of motorized bike or bicycle available in the market? Which type of motorized bike or bicycle should you buy?

There are two types of 4-stroke and 2-stroke motorized bikes or bicycle available in the market. Getting one of them with a suitable engine for your needs will ultimately give you a superbike.

Motorized Bicycle

Do you want to know more about the 4-stroke and 2-stroke motorized bikes or bicycle? Here are some interesting facts:

2-Stroke Motorized Bike or Bicycle:
The combustion engine of a 2-stroke motorized bicycle has a specified lubrication system. This type of bicycle is very light and but requires a little more maintenance and upkeep. Physically, the 2-stroke bicycle has a smaller engine and has more top end power. 2-stroke motors are considered to have great value and are low in cost. If tuned correctly, you can count on this type of bicycle to go very fast.

How the 2-Stroke Bicycle’s Engine Work?
In a 2-stroke motorized bike’s engine, there are two kinds of strokes used. One is the power stroke and other is the compression stroke. Being so simple and having less moving parts/strokes, the 2-stroke bike can have ideal power and speed.

Top Features of a 2-Stroke Bicycle:
1. Its engine has a more simple construction
2. Higher power output
3. Lighter and cheaper
4. Needs a little more upkeep and maintenance
5. 2-stroke motors heat up after 30 minutes of wide open throttle which results in loss of power.
4-Stroke Motorized Bike or Bicycle:

Motorized Bicycle

A 4-stroke bicycle engine does not heat up, which makes it easy for you to ride it all day long. This type of motorized bike ensures less vibration and proves to be stable. The beauty of buying a 4 stroke motorized bicycle is the freedom of exploring the open road in a convenient and comfortable way.

How these 4-Stroke Bicycle’s Engines Work?
In a 4-stroke, the motorized bike’s engine has four kinds of strokes. These 4 strokes are the compression stroke, power stroke, exhaust stroke and intake stroke. This makes the 4-stroke bicycle more stable with good power and dependable.

Top Features of 4-Stroke Bicycle:
1. Reliable and quiet engine
2. Do not have to mix oil and fuel
3. Ensures less pollution
4. Proves to be gas efficient
5. Will not heat up during long rides. Resulting in good power for an unlimited time.

Compared to the pedal driven cycles, the motorized bicycles or bikes offer great speed and agility and will enhance your cycling experience. Buying a motorized bike will prove to be an affordable personal vehicle.

Helio Motorized Bicycles offers a wide variety of motorized bikes or bicycles at an affordable price. Choose to buy one of our well built and engineered motorized bicycles or bikes or engine kits and take advantage of speed, power, performance and the joy of the open road.

For more information on top quality 4 stroke motorized bicycles, please browse through our webpage:!

Ride on Safely with a Top-Quality Motorized Bicycle


Now-a-days most people are aware and concerned about environment friendly as well as of getting a sustainable transportation; for which thousands of California people (as commuters) depending on motorized bicycle. Riding on these motorized bicycles will help you in reducing harmful carbon foot print. While most people use it as an alternative vehicle and some others ride it for adventure trips or endeavors or sports. If required then you can suitably buy a motorized bicycle engine kit to fit onto your old bicycle and get it converted into a motorized bicycle for enjoying an effective as well as inexpensive mode of transportation. By using motorized bicycles you can smoothly cruise to your destination, get some physical exercise, save money on car insurance and repairs, etc. Considering some essential motorized bicycle riding safety tips (those are described below) will help you get beneficial effects of enjoying your ride.

FX50 Honda Powered Bike

  1. Wearing a well fitted bicycle helmet is considered as a best safety option; generally for young generations who always indulge themselves in adventurous activities while riding on four-stroke motorized bicycles.
  2. Adjust the seat and handle bars to fit your personal measurements accordingly that will give a good hold of the bicycle.
  3. Always undergo an equipment check such as brakes, tire inflation, etc, before your every ride.
  4. Be careful while riding on your motorized bicycle (if you have a backpack or if it’s storage is heavily loaded); in this case avoid handling it with one hand, stay in control of the bike by keeping both your hands on the handle bars.
  5. While riding a bicycle keep a careful look on the road hazards such as road debris, potholes, gravel, uneven riding surfaces, construction areas, etc.

Buying a motorized bicycle from Helio Motorized Bicycles will offer a durable and top quality bicycle that will suit all your safety aspects providing you the perfect pleasure of riding by being safe. We also offer DIY motorized bicycle engine kits, electric bike kits and parts, etc, at an affordable price.

Avail a Modern Way of Enjoying Bicycling with an Ease


Are you often getting tired after riding your bicycle? Then consider purchasing a motorized bicycle that will give you a modern and stylish way of riding a bicycle with an ease or without feeling tired. Most of the people who own a bicycle seldom take it out from the garage for a ride; the reason can be weak knees, growing age, brittle bones, etc. Whereas the young generations think regular bicycles does not support their genre as those cycles do not have speed or style. If you avail a motorized bicycle then it can suit every one’s purpose or requirements as these motorized bicycles have style, can provide comfort, offer good speed, etc. Riding on a motorized bicycle assures you of getting style and comfort at an affordable price.

 Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

With these motorized bicycles you will get the freedom of choosing or selecting whether to peddle or let the engine or motor operate on its own. Motorized bicycles contains a motor or engine (gas or electric) that assists the rider in covering long miles or steep hilly roads, etc, and will be not a matter if you have any extra weight. For young mass the four strokes motorized bicycles are simply the best as these gives you high quality speed and durability as well as being lightweight helps in enjoying adventures journeys or long trips and proves to meet your athletic quest as well as adds style while riding on them.

 Superbike EZM Motorized Bicycle

Availing stylish and durable four stroke motorized bicycles from Helio Motorized Bicycles will give you a modern way of riding or enjoying a bicycle without having any fatigue or getting tired. You will get top quality models for example; Honda powered motorized bicycles and many more at an affordable price from our website.

Beach Cruiser: Comfort Riding in an Affordable Way


Bike riding fans consider beach cruisers as an affordable way of getting comfortable ride. These nostalgic bikes are seeing a resurgence in interest among every age group as it is available to fit in everyone’s purpose with its suitable designs and techniques or controls. Elegantly designed beach cruisers give a sleek and stylish look and are considered best for the young mass.

Features such as heavy-duty steel body or construction, comfortable over sized seat that are more cushioned provides a good ride of comfort for the casual bike rider. The balloon tires make beach cruisers easy to ride on the pavement, grass or sidewalks as well as the sands too. You will get an upright position while riding on these beach cruisers which makes it a good choice for anyone who has back problems.

Supernatural Motorized Bicycle

You will get beach cruisers in variety of updated colors and styles as well as of new or modern versions to suit your purpose. The four stroke engine beach cruisers give you an added control while riding along the hilly terrain with comfort and style. These bikes are considered great for taking your child or sweetheart along on a leisure bike ride.

If you love camping then pack your lunch and store it in the beach cruiser basket and ride out in along the lake. The rear fenders of a beach cruiser are durably built with support of steel rods that provides sufficient strength to hold the picnic basket or a small child. You can find many types of fenders ranging from duck or flip fenders to fenders that wrap three-fourth of the tire giving the beach cruiser a sinister look.

If you are in search of a suitable beach cruiser for fulfilling your needs or requirements then will get great deals on Honda powered beach cruisers at Helio Motorized Bicycles that surely will prove to be an affordable way of getting comfort. Our beach cruisers are durable and stylish that will serve everyone’s purpose accordingly.

Why you Need a Beach Cruiser Bicycle?


Are you interested in taking a leisurely stroll on the beach but don’t want to get sand in your sandals then the beach cruiser bicycle is the best way to go. Beach cruiser is equipped with large balloon tires and simple speed drive controls to allow easy accessibility across bumpy surfaces which are frequently found along any random seaside.

The beach cruiser has comfortable upright seats that allows rider to lay back and enjoy the scenery while moving from one point to another. As a mode of transportation this is constructed with steel which gives a plenty of room for doing personalized graffiti and deco. You can wear your sunglasses, a pair of flip-flops and get all set to ride the beach cruiser bicycle all along the beach side.

Helio robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

Helio robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

These bicycles offer a change of scenery for work-out enthusiasts who have been cycling on pavement roads and gym rooms for a long period of time. For adventure lovers’ four stroke beach cruisers by Helio Motorized Bicycle, gives them a chance to take these bikes into terrains that are usually inaccessible by foot, especially when the terrains are made up wet and shifty sand.

Series 43 Honda Powered Bike

Series 43 Honda Powered Bike

A large number of people are choosing to ride these bikes because of its superior style, amazing simplicity and affordability which are suitable for a better transportation. You can get abundant models of beach cruisers from which you can choose the right one matching your purpose. An average number of consumers want to personalize their own bike in terms of decoration, picking out a shock absorber or tires, fenders, etc. So, to get a comfortable ride or transportation (to beach or country side) a beach cruiser is a right option to rely on.

The Best Aspect of Riding a Beach Cruiser Bike


Riding a beach cruiser you can do low-impact exercises at the same time enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine. Beach cruiser bike offer you a smooth and comfortable ride which allows your family an opportunity to get on board, as it is made for any rider of all ages for its simple operation.

Many parents select beach cruisers for their college going kids to give them a safe ride with style considering the young generation’s choice. To make the beach cruiser more elegant you can decorate it with adding a basket, the tire fenders and a back rack. You can also paint on dragons and other fantasy designs on it.

43 Honda Powered Bike

Beach cruisers are made for fairly flat areas, ideally near lake, a river or the ocean. If scaling up of hills with top speeds, then you can opt for Honda powered four-stroke beach cruiser bike available at Helios Motorized Bicycles ( You can easily hangout by the seashore or a lake where you get an opportunity to build metaphoric or real castles in the sand. Or you can plan cook-outs by the countryside as these upright beach cruisers can be easily used to carry food, drink and other accoutrements of relaxation.

Robin Honda GX35 Bicycle

You can comfortably ride on the beach cruiser as they have large well padded seats and handlebars to navigate and be at ease. Many colors along with designs can be added to make it more attractive. If you need to transport goodies, then just backpack on your shoulders and ride on your beach cruiser in an upright position unlike of any other bike where you get squinted down.

With beach cruiser riding can be fun and give you tremendous health benefits so, everyone should own a beach cruiser.